Street Fights in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 

[Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly]The Thank you note to the Governor Surjit Barnala’s speech in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, as part of the starting up of the new government’s sessions post elections witnessed a large scale unruly scenes in the Assembly.The most comical part being AIADMK and Congressmen literally coming to blows in front of the Speaker. Taking the most out of the situation, the AIADMK MLA, Sekhar Babu, marched with his sinister motive of attacking the Chief Minister but fortunately, the incident was called off by timely shielding of CM by other ministerial colleagues and Sekhar Babu thrown out of the Assembly by the marshals.

And most interestingly, we call these creatures as People’s Representatives in the assembly. Now both the leaders of Ruling and Opposition seemed to have realised the true colors of the MLA figures that they have chosen and sent to the assembly, as is visible from the various speeches that they are giving. The mike which is provided for the members to air thier opionions to represent people’s concerns was in fact aired at one another as a weapon.

While accepting the defective talks by his aide, Karunanidhi has asked his man to correct whatever was spoken regarding the opposition and the former government. The opposition party is still in the process of defending the attacks but yet to substantiate the unprofessional behavior of thier MLA Sekar Babu. On two fronts, Karunanidhi has chosen to stage a diplomatic stand in the assembly yesterday:

  1. Interrupt and correct his party man in not unduly commenting on the previous government without proper facts and figures.
  2. Inspite of the purported attacks on him, recommended to the Speaker that if the opposition party could submit a ‘Regret Letter’ to the speaker, they can be considered for a pardon.

Now the opposition party has chosen to exercise attendance of its session by having J Jayalalitha for rest of the sessions. 61 of the members have been debarred from attending the sessions unless they express regrettal. Jayalalitha being 62nd can attend the same.

In the past DMK regime, there had been a heinous attacks on Jayalalitha by including Karunanidhi and now with the AIADMK decision of having Jayalalitha attending the assembly as a sole representative, whether there would be enough security for a free and fair conduct of the assembly, disciplinary conduct of sessions — We need to wait and watch the interesting scenes.

Stay Tuned!