Citibank Branch or Kothu Paratha Center

The most prominent location of Anna Salai — opposite Spencer Plaza and Indian Overseas Bank building, with the car giant (Sundaram Motors) as thier neigbors. But does Citibank Chennai branch really maintain its standards. I really doubt no, at least with respect to this branch.

You can encounter scores of complaints by many people in this branch. I personally observed this branch and collected samples of information on the following:

  1. NRIs encountering a lot of problems with cash to india.
  2. Lost debit cards and irresponsible actions from Phone Banking.
  3. Citifinancial Loan Repayments.

Some of these are handled by the staff and some of them are just routed again to the PhoneBanking. The ATM helpline in the PhoneBanking is always overcrowded. There has’nt been any step by the branch to upgrade its ATM center or to commission additional ATMs in the vicinity. HSBC for example, has ATMs in spencer plaza. Citibank India could consider that too.

Well! Coming to the core discussion. Whatever information that you drop in the information box like Request Letters, Photo Credit Card coupon, mysteriously disappears. Whether this is with the connivance of the branch authorities or the cheating agents is only open to Citibank India.

And on Saturdays the branch normally works till 1 PM (now I think it is extended till 4). There is always a silent crowd waiting at the branch till 12 and/or 12:30. Right at 12, as if it is a planned melodrama, the security stops bona fide visitors, but some how these guys gain entry into the branch. But this security guy keeps howling “Cash counter closed”.

I think, I can contact AR Rahman, to compose a music which we can put in the branch at this time. When the security officer sitting at the entrance howls “Cash counter closed”, the music would play “ta da da da da” and it would repeat. I have already informed this to and also to As usual the standard reply, “We are very keen in improving the services”.

No improvements have been found whatsoever for the past six months after the intimation too. But the following things puzzles any user:

  1. Who are those guys who pretend to enter the branch for paying to the cash counter towards Citifinancial dues?
  2. What on earth have they have been doing till the branch closing time?
  3. Where the hell they have gone till that time of branch closure?
  4. Why is security desk blocking bona fide users at that time but only allowing these persons?

By the way, did the caption of the post puzzle you. The security howling and the music I wanted ARR to compose can be roughly equivalent to a parata shop found in small lanes in Chennai where the shopwala would keep hitting the parata plate to ready it as well to invite passerby’s attention.