Do not Call Registry

How many of you know that there is a Do Not Call registry statute which stipulates that enterprise organizations involving in telemarketing should maintain. Once a person has registered his name and contact numbers, at least with respect to the law, the telemarketing agency should refrain from calling that number. This, if materializes fully in India would be a great boon for mobile phone and as well as landline phone users from encountering telephone calls for unsolicited personal loans, credit cards and other sundry items. These telemarketing menace is cursed heavily from mobile phone users particularly when the subscriber is in Roaming networks.

United States has a tougher statute on its land. Check out thier Do Not Call Registry website here. According to The Hindu Businessline, April 2005 saw a penalty of $7,70,000 against a morgage company for allegedly calling people whose numbers where there in the Do not Call registries.

For now, I think, the land’s worst telemarketing is from HSBC India followed closely on heels by ICICI Group. The most diplomatic and law-abiding are HDFC, Standard Chartered. Citibank maintains neutrality and there are preferences as whether bank directly serves you or through its direct sales representatives.

Here are some of the DNC registries in India:

  1. ICICI:
  2. HDFC:
  3. HDFC Bank:
  4. HSBC:
  5. CitiBank India:
  6. Standard Chartered:
  7. ABN Amro:
  8. SBI:
  9. Canara:

This list is partial. Readers. Feel free to share the DNC URLs and contact addresses for the benefit of other users.