Educated Illiterates

Chennai can boast of tall claims in having top notch industries, jazzy software development units. But it is indeed a undeniable bitter truth that people lack the basic civic sense while using roads, be it casual road users and/or city administration authorities.

Yesterday, I chanced to travel through the Velacherry-Tambaram route instead of GST Road. It is a fact that the Velacherry Main Road is having a very narrow segment at least near the Checkpost (Race-Course junction).

The following were some of the worst incorrect civic sense that was witnessed over there:

  1. A Political Meeting by the ruling party near the Velacherry Checkpost scheduled at the peak hour, adding to the chaotic traffic conditions and worsening the traffic snarls.
  2. With just a small road, the vehicles towards Velacherry were virtually occupying the entire stretch of the road, with reckless overtaking, leaving almost no room for vehicles from the opposite direction. These overtakers should have given some thought as to how the other vehicles from the opposite direction would go, if they block.
  3. The traffic conditions in Chennai can be simply overcome, is overtaking on all roads is strictly prohibited and all vehicles are made to obey the lane discipline in all the roads. There should be some martial law kind of, since people have earned enough of inertia and lethargy and no amount of advise would be powerful and potential to guide them to amend thier ways.
  4. With a stretch less than 0.5 kilometers, it was taking yesterday, a minimum time of about 2. 5 hours to cross and reach the Velacherry Bypass road (Gurunanak College).
  5. The people should be made to understand that overtaking really hampers emergency services movement like Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue services from freely using the road to move to any place where their service is required at the quickest.