Neeya? Naana?

The caption Neeya? Naana? is actually a Tamil word. It means, questioning about the prowess and potential of who is powerful — you or me?

You can see a lot of occurences at least in Chennai. The most significant state in the country — Tamil Nadu. But simply put, it seems to have a people who have an attitude of strongly lacking an attitude to learn things and accept thier ignorance. Rather if you could attempt to correct them, they would feel that thier ego is hit and would retaliate “I know. Who are you to say this?”

I have confronted such situations many times and have heard them too. Sometime back, I was reading a Tamil News monthly and a doctor in Pudukottai, a dentist, by profession seems to have extracted a healthy tooth from a patient who has come to him instead of extracting the decayed tooth. When the patient tried to correct him before the extraction, he was retaliated “Am I the doctor here or you?”. Putting in direct Tamil, “Inga nee doctora illa naan doctora?”.

Sometime last week, I witnessed this unruly behavior from a bus conductor. When I asked a ticket to Guindy, he gave me a three rupees ticket. The actual charge was four rupees fifty paise and when I corrected him, the above ‘Am I the conductor here or you?’ was encountered. Fortunately, a couple of public supported me and the conductor stepped back and gave me the correct ticket.

One more interesting incidents that you can observe. This typically during job interviews. When we are interviewing any person, we have to understand that we are not persons with complete skillset. Even if the candidate is a fresher, there might be something which we can learn from him. That shows our humbleness and there is a proverb which says that “Blessed are the meek for those shall inherit and rule the earth“. There have been umpty number of situations in which I have personally seen and also learnt from my friends that a lot of such instances where the person who interviews remains stubborn in his view inspite of being wrong. I really hope, that those persons realize thier folly and try to be more humble and open to learn from thier mistakes.

Readers — What do you think? What are your experiences?