India on Merit — Human Chain on 15th August 2006

More than twenty seven lakh people to join for twenty seven minutes in twenty seven cities against the 27% quota imposed by the Government of India. This would be a tremendous human chain in the world on August 15, 2006.

While August 15, 1947 is revered as an Independance Day for India, August 15, 2006 would be observed as Independance from reservations. We would hope by demonstrating the solidarity of Indians, India would trust and follow only merit and not adhere to any short-sighted reservation paths.

Join the human chain. You can check out the following websites for more details:

  1. Power of Youth
  2. Orkut Community27 Lac Human Chain – 15 Aug

Sometime back, we were also discussing in detail about the ill-effects of Reservation in our other post “Religious Clashes — Testimony of Extreme Stupidity and/or Political Backing“. Other posts of interests, typically from my colleague of my previous company (Aravinthan)

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