India Information Blackout

A new form of information blackout and a novel way in which Right to Information denied by even the administration of the country. Since the past three days, various parts of India have been crying denial of access to Blogger hosted websites, pointing to a directive from CERT IN. I came to know of this only today when I clicked online to view my blogspot. Here is the source Rediff news that explains this.

I would’nt blame CERT IN for it is their duty to safeguard the complete balanced flow of Information but at the sametime, they do have the responsibility of guiding properly the Internet Service Providers in blocking particular offending weblogs instead of blogging the entire domains in one click. When I traversing through the various posts on the topic, there was a mention about an ISP having regretted that they do not know how to block a particular weblog and hence they have blocked the entire domain. Don’t they feel shameless to say do not know when they are occupying a most privileged position.

If at all, DoT has found an offending weblog, the administration could have contacted Pyra Labs or Google Inc. for outright pursuit of the matter and bringing in to the limelight the culprits instead of groping in the dark. This again makes us feel that there is something fishy and some bureocratic red tapism in even the censorship, which is really needed. Even for common public, there are easier ways to bring to the attention of Google regarding abuse of any weblog. Every blogspot weblog has a top blue pane, which carries a link called ‘Flag Abuse’.

If Google Blogspot, SixApart TypePad and Yahoo Geocities are to be blocked, why can not bring a ban so the plethora of pornographic and offending sites. Would’nt this a great welcome measure by the entire nation or rather the entire world too? It is really horrible to see pop windows from these websites.

On the broader perspectives, the following are the negative sides of this ban:

  1. The ban process is not transparent. Neither was any official release nor each of the ISP call centers suitably explain the process. This, I think, would be a gross violation of Right to Information act.
  2. This is almost a myopic bureocratic red tape venture to curb and curtail the “Freedom of Expression” vested to the citizens by the Constitution of India. What do you feel?
  3. From a personal front in 2003 and 2004, I have reported about six times about a particular organization in South India, to NASSCOM, for involving in gross irregulararities ranging from human rights to software piracy. There was’nt even courtesy acknowledgement.  If at all, there is a balanced flow of information, I would really like to know, based on Right To Information , is this a balanced flow of information.