Environmental Factors Contribute More To Improvement Than Anything Else 

Today morning, I got up bit late and while getting ready to start for work, I noticed the five minute presentation that Sun TV broadcasts daily with the title “Intha Naal Iniya Naal” by Tenkachi Ko Swaminathan. Today’s topic was very much interesting and befits the current social context in which there are so much of excitement and flurry created by reservations and quota systems in various fields.

Tenkachi was discussing about some researchers experimenting with rearing animals with different types of people right from birth. Even a monkey which was reared from its birth along with a kid in a very disciplined environment began to understand and reciprocate to the atmosphere in the same vien. 

The emphasis of all the talks was that generic and heriditary factors are always not binding. With the proper and compelling environment factors that can influence a person, his attitude and growth in the right development could be rightly propelled. I feel that this is a strong factor that needs to be considered at least in the sense of reservations.  It is futile and a utter waste that has been practised for over a period of fifty years since Independance, in giving reservations to certain communities of people branding them as backward caste. They should also feel ashamed to roam about in the country with such a tag. Strictly speaking, a honest and a so-called backward community person, should renounce using it, if has more self-esteem.

We have already discussed more about the depth of stupidity involved in reservations system over here.

By giving in so much of reservations and comforts, we end up swelling a lazy population who gains everything sitting in a corner and doing nothing. And there is a proverb “An idle brain is devil’s workshop” and these idlers eventually morph themselves into terrorists and antisocials. As our friend, Aravinthan has emphasized in his Thoughts, we should given emphasis in educating them and then they should come up in their life by hardword and not succumbing to the Vote Bank politics.