Routing blogspot through PkBlogs and Inblogs

It is a pity that Indian bloggers can not see thier direct blog posts. The Government is in a state of hapless helplessness to demonstrate that it is doing ‘something’ to show they are doing some corrective actions against the terrorist activities. And ISPs are in a next level hurry accompanied by technological ignorance on not knowing how to block URLs and to blacklist the entire domains. They just wanted to cut into the race of satisfying the government in showing that how fast they can showcase thier ‘loyalty’.

The net result is that bona fide bloggers from India are are at dark as thier blogs are rendered blank. All bloggers are very much indebted to PkBlogs and Inblogs, as they really render an invaluable service to Indian Bloggers in allowing them to see thier blogs.

It is painful and we humbly hope that these clowns sitting at CERT-IN and DoT soon realise thier folly and lift their bans or at least instruct their ISPs to narrow down on the particular offending URLs instead of blacking out the entire blogosphere in India.

This, as far as I could recall, is the second major IT folly that Government of India is doing. Sometime back, they blacklisted YahooGroups for anti-national stuff and the ISPs cited the same reason. They don’t have the knowledge to block access to particular URLs and hence they are forced to block the entire domains.