A Good Magazinal Advertisement — Thanks to Tamizh Osai

Whenever you travel down the road from Chennai Airport towards entering Greater Chennai at Kathipara Junction, it is greatly advised to stay focused only on the roads without looking at the sides and particularly the hoardings and posters. The salient reasons are the following:

  1.  The traffic is very heavy in the GST (Grand Southern Trunk) Road and every fraction of the second needs to your greatest attention for the most safest and comfortable journey.
  2. About seventy-five percent of the posters have about vulgar and obscene films being advertised.

There are known theaters near St. Thomas Mount, which only screen adults-restricted movies and for this reason, the area is filled with posters of diversified nature literally seducing the curious onlooker to watch over it and attract them. I would put it as a greatest tapas to escape from these distractions, which are the most choicest of the dragnets to derail one from ethical life.

On Tuesday, I observed some guys were posting some advertisements for a new Tamil Magazine caled Tamizh Osai, which is being released shortly by a publisher in Chennai. Since they could’nt find space, they had to stick the bills over the obscene posters itself. This had one latent benefit which I could comprehend. The obscene posters were hidden off from public view.

While a section of the people could object supporting the action of sticking of bills claiming that it defaces the public view, I would put the defense as if obscene pictures could claim a reign of supremacy all along attributing a more acute degree of defacement to Greater Chennai views, I think, a good public renaissance Tamil Magazine advertisement, I humbly feel, is a good antidote to the abovesaid poison. What do you feel?

There is one more good coincidence to the above. The word Tamil Osai has a poem associated with it. A poet had sung his aspiration

“They Madhurath Tamizh Osai Ulagamellam Paravach Cheithal Vendum

(The meaning of this line in Tamil is: “We should strive the spread the glory of Tamil and Her sweet literature and greatness through out the world. That is the most noble service that we render to our mother tongue.”)

I feel by sharing this thought, let us take a small step of abstaining from the like distractions enlisted and focus on the noble service to our motherland.