High Profile Comedy in New Delhi (7 Race Course Road)

It has been never uncommon for any of us for having escaped through the clutches of the various security measures and checks being subjected to us by national administration authorities, in the various cities of India, at least. Yesterday night, when I was flipping through the channels of Aaj Tak, there has been an interesting news of two young girls and a guy, gatecrashing into the high security zone of 7,Race Course Road, New Delhi, hosting the Prime Minister’s office-cum-residence.

Interestingly, the PMO office had about seven tiers of gate, it seems and these gatecrashers have almost passed through all the gates with almost negligible stoppages by the Special Protection Group (SPG) Force. Just before the entry to the PMO office, one of the security guy, asked them whether they had appointment. They have replied that they were commoners and would like to meet the Prime Minister and were turned back.

The trio were supposedly in an inebriated state. But a group of journalists who were waiting for a briefing on the Union Cabinet meeting  were surprised by flying kisses given by the journalists and went the car crossed them intercepted it and demanded a reason for thier mission of entry.  The trio had replied that it was for a casual meet and drove way, creating a flutter.

It was only when journalists, who are routinely subjected to tough security checks at the PM’s residence, raised the issue with the Special Protection Group personnel that the security men realise the seriousness of the situation and alerted the Delhi Police. The cops then flashed a message across the city to trace the car, following which the three youngsters were detained.

It is a real shame for the cops to subject poor common man for so many security checks when modern persons just play pranks on them and escape majestically. Time alone can heal this situation.