Medical Mafia

It was a horrifying investigation that was presented in CNN IBN yesterday. There is a proverb in Tamil that we should never lie to doctors and advocates and they are treated so noble for the simple reason, the former saves our lives and the latter acts as agents of national security and integrity.

But the presentation in CNN IBN, entitled Beggar Mafia,really shook up the entire nation with the horrifying scam conducted by alleged medicos going hand-in-hand with the underworld dons in making healthy persons kidnapped and thier limbs amputated and deployed into public places for begging.  We should really appreciate CNN IBN and DIG Team for thier brave efforts in bringing this horrendous crime to limelight and now it is upto the Government and the law-enforcing authorities to wake up from their slumber to see that these accused are punished to the maximum extent possible under the law, instead of they trying to escape because of sluggishness of the administration in India.

This is not the first time that medicos are erring in India. Sometime in 2001, Bangalore was staging a huge kidney transplanation racket when people were lured by doctors for some healthcheckups and thier kidneys were stolen. Sometime in 2002, it was Dr. Prakash from Anna Nagar, who was an ortho by profession, involved in a deadly sex racket, to the extent of even publicizing all the victims photographs in many websites.

Do you know an erring doctor in your region? Let Indian Medical Association know about it.


[Apollo Scam]