Is India truly secular?

Is our motherland truly secular? Our history and civics teachers take pride in teaching us that our motherland proudly professes and propagates the policy of being Soveriegn Secular Democratic Republic. But going by the current trend of activities by the various state governments and the central government, there is a light taint of doubt whether publishers of history books and syllabus team of the various educational board should reconsider before using the previous lyric.

Though these religious conflicts existed in petty fashion as has been always, the things seem to have gained worser momentum in the current periods. Even the most quietest state of Tamil Nadu seems to join the bandwagon by resorting to withdraw the act of “Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion (2002)”, just for the sake of strenghtening the vote banks from minority segments.

Time and again there has been inhuman and barbaric acts against the various Hindu temples by uncivilized hoodlums and inspite of all media doing a greatest job of picturizing this, the government chooses to remain as a mute spectator, just to satisfy and safeguard its vote banks from minority communities.

Turning back the pages of history …

  1. Akshardham Temple attack by Muslim terrorists.
  2. Selling of Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanam lands by Mr. Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy (Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) to christian minority and presumably with the blessings of Italian Barmaid Antanio Miano (aka) Sonia Gandhi.
  3. Unnecessary intervention of movie makers into the most sacred temple in the world (Sabarimala).
  4. Deliberate and Possibly fraudlent charges backed by Political vendetta against the Chief Tantri of Sabarimala (Kanduru Mohanuru)

I think, no religion supports and professes violence and these types of unethical activities. These type of barbaric and uncivilized activities just show that people resorting to these acts are helpless and want to satisfy others in some way of other and do all sorts of such gibberish things.

Readers: What do you think of this? Are we truly developing country with all these loop holes? God alone can help correcting these blackspots.