Acute Road Indiscipline

Chennai is really significant for featuring acute road indiscipline of all types and flavors in almost all categories of the road be it the NH45 (Anna Salai GST) or the smaller townside roads like in Velacherry. The most of the violations that are witnessed from the two wheelers and autorickshaws.

While two wheelers have the luxury of escaping the hands of law by plunging and diving through small bylanes, autorickshaw drivers have strong union supports and contacts with local political hoodlums who have ‘command’ over the cops and also know the best ways to ‘grease’ them and let the erring drivers go scot free for a significant share of the booty for them to enjoy too. The nett result is the full traffic chaos all over the city. 

During the previous regime,  the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, brought in the novel four lane system in the prime roads of Anna Salai which was really promising to bring complete traffic discipline in the Chennai City. With changing governments and each government only vying to find fault at the predecessor government and amassing wealth for thier own kith and kin, this novel system has’nt been success and just gathering dust in the files of Secretariat. 

There are some simple steps which could be followed and which would really bring in enormous traffic disciplinem, timely reach to the intended destination besides reducing the risk of accidents to peer drivers and pedestrians and not to mention the great value of savings in fuel (in these days of ever-increasing fuel prices which are just sky rocketing) and the amount of atmospheric pollution (noise, air etc) which can be minimized. Readers –> Please feel free to share your thoughts and views and we humbly hope that this would reach more of our peers making the city greener. 

Albeit the fact that this has been discussed with respect to Chennai, I fervently feel that it would be of tremendous use for other metropolitan cities and aarterial towns across the globe.

  1. Follow lane disciplines strictly.  Everyone has thier own quota. Two wheelers, Cars, Buses have thier own home lanes. Would you be silent if your neighbor enters your house and sits on your sofa sets without your consent? It is the same argument that applies when you deviate lanes by resorting to unethical overtaking procedures.
  2. Do not overspeed. Everyone is in the same hurry. If you have an appointment with some person, ensure that you start appropriately instead of resorting to late starts, speedy drives and nasty hits. Remember that Speed Thrills but Kills. The roads are designed for normal public commuting and not for moto cross shows like those in Irungattukkottai.
  3. Allow Emergency Vehicles. If you hear a police siren or a fire rescue services or a medical ambulance, try to take off the road and allow passage for them. They are on a noble life saving gesture and every second for them counts. Not only allow, but also coordinate with them, if they need help and assistance. But on the pretext of helping them, do not crowd at them and delay them. There is a limit for everything and an ethical finer blend or mix of judicious limit on anything and everything.
  4. Bring them to Book. If you spot an offender, do not feel lazy to bring them to book and file an FIR against them. If the cop is unwilling to cooperate, feel free to escalate. Chennai City Police have already started whip lashing on the erring cops. Just for fighting for bribes, the entire police station staff in Adambakkam have been en masse transferred to Armed Reserves sometime last week. Check out The New Indian Express news item here.
  5. Banks and Administration Authorities
    1. Do not feel bad to reject loans for erring persons. Erring persons should never get any loans for vehicles.
    2. There should be some sort of unified tracking mechanism like the Social Security Number practiced in Countries like US. Check out Nevada website here.
    3. Banks have the policy of towing the vehicles if the installment is not paid. One more condition for towing the vehicles should be violation of traffic rules. That way, we can make offenders feel more responsible and behave with more civic sense.
    4. Cops should be more responsible towards the pay and perks they recieve on honest work towards government instead of succumbing to the aspirations of local political hoodlums and bribes.

Let us swear to bring to limelight and to the notice of national administration, any of the erring people and make Indian roads better motorable and more pleasurable. Tourists should feel it as pleasure to travel in Indian roads than curse it as a pressure. It all depends on the solidarity of the citizens of the nation.