Shame on us (India)

It is a real shame that we (Indians) have to accept before the International community as the latest developments in British investigation reveals that a Indian Private Airliner employee has been a significant contributer to the foiled blast attempt of aircrafts in the UK. Check out the description here.

We have been demonstrating highest amount of capabilities to bring and instrument world peace everywhere and there has been a silent parasite nurturing from within us, who has made us to hung our heads in shame before our international fraternity. Sometime, back we have been discussing an issue  where law protectors take healthy resorts into the underworld mafia’s and this is the core concentration of the issue. Recall our earlier discussion here.

I think our government should really wake up from its deep slumber and see the Terrorists are totally eradicated from the Indian soil. Let them keep thier petty fights like reservations and interstate feudal wars afterwards. Those are just child’s play and almost like a timepass for us. The dire need of the hour is having a solidarity of the nation to ensure that our image as a Peace Protector is upheld and no terrorists are allowed from within our Indian soil.