Unrelented Telemarketing Calls — Total Fun

Yesterday seemed to be a real fun day. Two interesting calls landed on to my mobile number duly to be taken by Airtel Missed Alerts and Voice Mails service. Since the call persisted, I adopted a different strategy like the one below:

  • Pick the call.
  • Put it in low volume mode.
  • Let the caller keep barking ‘hello hello’.

Dhruva claims that this this is the best way to manage unethical telemarketing calls at least in India. In US, I guess there are sophisticated devices like TeleZapper which help people save themselves from such menace. But in Indian arena, I think, this is the only option left. If at least about twenty five per cent of the population could do this, I think, the unethical telemarketing shops would go out of market and this will cleanse the atmosphere too.

Now coming to the actual calls in detail:

  1. “Citibank Fabulous Offer for Prestigious Customer” Almost like a tape recorder the tele marketers repeat this for each and everyone. The ‘recorded tape’ kind of runs for about 4 minutes and then a threatening type query — “Would you still use the card?” I still don’t understand the meaning of this card? Some of my assumptions are:
    1. Was this guy a true representative of Citibank?
    2. With this type of question, was it a threat from such underworld mafia for Citibank Card holders?I have rised this doubt to Citiphone Chennai (+914428522484) and at indiaservice (at) citicorp.com

      As the replies come, I would keep this post updated.

      The bad telemarketer was tangibly clear in his goals in both English and Tamil.

  2. “Naukri.com Super Duper Bumper Millennium Comedy HR Consultant” I got a call from a placement consultant and supposedly he was telling me about opportunities for a ‘prestigious’ client in Chennai. The communication skills of this person itself was really pathetically broken and what do you call as butler English in Tamil Nadu. Here is my simple doubtCandidates are also precious assets to organizations right? They should be treated on par thier clients. They (employees) after absorption are valuable assets to the organization and I would put them as ‘internal clients’ of the organization. When presenting before the ‘deemed clients’ of the prospective relationship, would’nt that ‘prestigious client’ ensure that the communication is good. And interestingly my Naukri profile is deactivated.

Taking it on the lighter vien, I think my Airtel Network had some real fun in taking these calls and I just put both of them on long long holds while they were barking for a while and then whispering some bad words before banging thier phones. And they were barking ‘Hello Hello Hello Hello’ for at least half a dozen times. Two things struck my mind at that occasion:

  1. “The Hello Hello Song” in Monisha En Monalisa.

I wanted to suggest them one thing — Instead of barking ‘Hello Hello’ they could have at least chanted ‘Rama Rama Rama Rama’ and at least Lord Rama would give His divine blessings for these cursed souls.