Misusing Religion and Religious Concepts

One of the great saints in Tamil said that though there are so many religions all religions are different roads that lead to the single Almighty. Even in English, there is a well known proverb ‘All Roads Lead To Rome’. But for the past few years, at least from the region of Tamil Nadu itself, there has been a steady increase in the atrocities created by anti social elements on the pretext of religious heads.

It all started with Premananda, who started his Ashram near Viralimalai, Tiruchi. He had been involving in largescale sexual exploitation of young woman and children and he had been going scott free till two young girls managed to escape to Chennai, took shelter at the social service organization (Udavum Karangal). Media like Nakkheeran took greatest efforts to bring the bureocratic red tape procedures which were saving him to broad limelight and judiciary woke up. It was then the Pudukkotai judge, Banumathy, gave the world’s most desired judgement for the heinous crimes that he has conducted on humanity — double life sentences to be executed in separate terms along side the clause that future judges should not overwrite this judgement.

It was then the Kanchi seer, Sankaracharya was arrested for murdering the manager of Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kanchipuram. This one brought to limelight too much of atrocities that has been created by this seer.

For sometime these incidents were sailing low and now it is again cropping its ugly face again. We have covered some of them briefly in our earlier discussion. A few more, now from the Christian society arena.

I think the nation’s antisocials have decided to pick each religion and its followers in turn to wreck thier anger and vengence for no proper cause and reason.

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  2. Realtor case and Bishop Saravanan (from Vellore) — http://www.tamilmurasu.in/

I think, the HR & CE department of the government of Tamil Nadu, should stop its petty causes like interfereing with Archakas and first try and solve the religion misuse problem.