Mushrooming Housekeeping Services

These are the days even both residential and commercial houses are busy every second. For a residence all the family members might be going out for work and kids to school. For commercial houses, in order to stay top on the market, they have to ensure that they focus on the work of specialization round the clock.

To address the requirements from both the quarters, we have one more section of service providers called ‘Housekeeping Agents’. But of late, Chennai seems to be facing a lot of difficulties to the random mushrooming of housekeeping agents. Let us divide the problem into two parts for better analysis and study of how much the situation is grim in Chennai.

Residential Sector

The house servants who are hired to services at home must have a valid background checks done necessarily. Not only there are problems that they may do thieving of things in the house, but also it might present undue and unnecessary security problems to women in house.  If using the friendship of these house servants, if antisocials take refuge at the house, then the houseowner also becomes liable to answer the questions from police and national administration.

Commercial Sector

Sometime about two months back myself and my friend were at a famous software company based in Nungambakkam. They seem to employ a third party housekeeping services for their services like cleaning and organizing things. We have been waiting a while near the reception to meet a friend and in the middle, we could witness some unruly things.

  1. As and when the supervisor pops his head, these guys take that long broomstick and pretend to clean the place. When he goes out of the eye-sight, again they resume thier gossips.
  2. Some of the persons who are thus employed are also very much arrogant and sharply see the girls coming in and going. On the pretext of sweeping they almost brush up near them.

This related to the risk that we mentioned in ‘Residential Sector’ makes us think that even commercial houses must take extra care in recruiting properly checked agents for cleaning only. With the mushrooming of call centers, these housekeeping services have a good bountiful business but at the same time, the security of employees who are the actual assets need to be enforced. If these guys go unchecked, there might be antisocials that take help from them and creating more such accidents like the one for Prathiba Srikanth in HP Call Center at Bangalore.

But our security rests in our hands too. If at all we encounter any indisciplined guy near us, it is our proactive stand to bring them to limelight for the benefit of society.