Security Processes must be constant and ongoing…

Yesterday I had a chance to visit Saravana Stores, T. Nagar. As you know the street where Saravana Stores is located (Ranganathan Street) is the core business hub and is heavily crowded at both its entrances (like from Usman Road and from Mambalam Railway Station). Saravana Stores is really an excellent shopping mall catering to all tiers of people since they try to sell quality products at wholesale rate. No wonder, the crowd is also really heavy.

With Dussehra celebrations in place, the second floor of Saravana Stores has some good dolls in place for kolu too and the most interesting thing was that of the dogs, cats idols similar to those roadside shops at Pondy Bazaar. I really like Saravana Stores security measure that they don’t insist you on leaving the luggage back and then suffering from goods getting stolen from the cloaked rooms or bags getting missed/messed up. Instead they tie the bags in a plastic cover and you can carry the cover with you. The showroom is aesthetically designed, with good airconditioning and good closed circuit television (CCTV) security surviellance camera to watch the entire premises.

With all these in place, I noticed one flaw yesterday, which I have put it in the complaint register since I could’nt get a proper response from the accused there. In the dolls stand, one guy was asking and writing the orders. His attitude was arrogant type. All Saravana stores employees have good ID cards being displayed or at least the embelem of the stores is embossed in thier shirt near the pocket. This guy did’nt have any and when demanded he became unruly. I think he was trying to do some shady things and slowly was whisking here and there. Just wanted to bring this to other readers’ attention that we have full rights to demand the identity in case we are in suspicion. We only need the services of the provider and there is nothing great relationship or to ‘satisfy’ any of the mediocre middle man. We are’nt gaining anything out of such appeasement in concrete shapes. Rather by demanding an identify proof, we are helping out the service provider who can provide us a better safe and secure service in the future in more resilent condition. I have put a complaint in Saravana Stores complaint book since this is the first time I am noting a security lapse and I was apprehending whether the stringent security conditions are being relaxed out of monotony.

Indian Police (and particularly Chennai) has the bad habit that only during emergencies they are active. They should rather coordinate with business houses in ensuring that security processes are intact and a systematic security process is in place throughout the time instead of being in slumber and then waking up hurriedly and then giving way to very many hanky panky behavior from all quarters. Quite interestingly, one Coimbatore based industrialist raised this question to airport authorities in Chennai too.