Minibus on Two wheelers

If you have been travelling towards Tambaram on the Velacherry Road or just Velacherry you can simply find two wheeler mopeds or three wheelers (like autos) almost overloaded and looking similar to buses. The normal driving license and the road permits allows two (one driver + one pillion rider) for two wheelers and three persons per auto.

I have been watching this for sometime and just thought would like to share with the same. On Saturday, I had been near St. Thomas Mount and it had been nearly harrowing experience travelling in the share auto since the way vehicle was over packed in the crowdy turning towards Kathipara junction was making the journey nightmarish.  On Sunday, I observed one more family of five persons clinging on to a poor Hero Honda Splendor plus. I think, even the Hero Honda Splendour Plus had mouth, it would really open its mouth and wail for the type of acute overloading it had been subjected to.

The acute problem underlying these gross irregularilities in the number of passengers travelling in small vehicles is that they are trying to make the best use of the resource. Good. But there is a limit. With too much of passengers the vehicle would start getting faster wear and tear besides the acute passenger safety which is thrown to airs.

Would the state or city administration look into this?