Missed Call Menace

Handheld mobile phones have been the best utility gadgets that have been ever invented. In India, our Department of Telecommunications time and again publishes statistics about the most rapid growth of mobile phone subscribers even outnumbering landline customers. Thanks to cost cutting, price slashing, attractive offers from various operators all have contributed to the remarkable growth of mobile phone subscribers in our country.

But I feel there is a terrible shortcoming or a bad habit that is being practiced in India. It is the Missed Calls. Most of the subscribers opt for prepaid subscriptions and they seldom want to spend thier money or airtime even for thier own services. This includes even credit card agents and bank personnel who meet us for loans and other things. They just give a missed call and expect us to return the call back to us thus paying our airtime for thier benefits. This one attitude of Indian Mobile spectrum is rather very much disgusting and I feel this would be a big black spot in the fabric of mobile phone industry in India. The mobile operators should bring in some ways where repeated and deliberate missed call attempts should be made on par chargeable like a normal outgoing plan, according to the subscription plan.

While this is one part of the story, there are other interesting issues related to Missed Calls. Check out the following:

I have been actually having this experience with a HSBC Sales Executive and to make even a simple call, he was almost jumping on my mobile and my builders’ mobile giving the number from his handset. And that too for just for  a two minute local call. 🙂