Tax Saving for Cinema — Is it really justified?

Recently I came to understand from a newspaper release that the Government of Tamil Nadu is trying to waive all entertainment taxes for movies that carry pure Tamil names. I really appreciate thier love and affection for development of Tamil language and humble efforts to promote it to world standards.

Introspecting through the various maladies in the revenue generation from movies and the attitude of movie makers and the actors, I think this Tax Saving programme for movies is really a total waste. Let us enumerate through a few points.

  1. Already each of the movie producer is earning in multi crores that a simple desktop calculator can not accomodate the digits.
  2. Adding to the woes is the amount of tax escaping sprees that these guys resort to.
  3. Besides every fortnight you can see a headlines hit about some cine financier getting arrested for resorting to illicit private lending and fleecing activities (Kandhu Vatti in Tamil).
  4. Besides this, the cheques given by these actors normally bounce off purposefully. They then terrorise the lender not to ask them again for repayment.
  5. The movie names do not carry any sense of decency. Gone are the days of Sivaji Ganesan when his move ‘Veerapandiya Kattabomman’, ‘Thillana Mohanambal’ etc are still memorable and live fresh and green in our memories both in terms of movie names, dialogues, scenes and songs. But can we expect this with current movie names like ‘Nee venumda Chellam’, ‘Unakkum Enakkum’. The latter two take the obscenity of movie nomenclature to its extreme height. I think even the Censor board should actively include movie names and thier auditing as an essential part of movie censoring activities.

    The worst nature of such obscene names was carried as a precursor to start of eve-teasing activities already. A news item was found in Dinamalar Varamalar (24th September 2006). The public have beaten the eve-teasers in the case, who were calling the college girls waiting at the bus stand with the movie name ‘Nee venumda Chellam’

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