Importance of Time

Time is very precious. Every second is invaluable. Even a second that we waste can not be recovered or compensated. Hence for this reason, it is often said that Time is almost next to money and both of which should be handled with extreme care.

I came across a video called Meetings Bloody Meetings in  a presentation which humourously talks about how much time is wasted in meetings by teams in many organizations. This is a must-watch for any one who attends or chairs a meeting. The underlying thought of the video is how to shorten the meetings and make the most of out of each sitting.

The hero of the film is John Cleese. He is depicted as being charged to criminal sentence in court (in his dream). The charges against him was wasting of his and his team’s precious time. The other charges are:

  1. Coming to the meeting unprepared
  2. Failing to keep everyone in loop
  3. Missing Agenda for the meeting
  4. Poor control of the directions in which the meeting progresses.
  5. Failure to record the discussions of the meeting (Minutes of Meeting).

I think point no. 4 is typical at least to state legislative assemblies and the speaker is not able to exercise control over the proceedings of the assembly. We have already discussed an issue about unruly scenes in Tamil Nadu Legislative assembly over here.

A search for the video revealed this website of The Richardson Company, from where the video can be ordered in DVD format. It comes to about USD 870.  The website has also given a small preview link.