Ban of Auto in Chennai

Sometime back we have been discussing how much acute and intense are the problems with autorickshaws in Chennai particularly with respect to the acute overcrowding of the same as also fleecing of passengers. It has almost become like a  daylight dacoity of every auto driver fleecing the passengers. For those interested the past topics that we have been discussing on Views and Reviews is here:

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About two days back, while reading through the Tamil Murasu evening daily, I found an article where a Chennaite had filed a petition in the high court to bring a ban of autos within the Chennai limit citing overloading, fleecing and haphazard parking in the roads leading to traffic chaos. You can check out Tamil Murasu ePaper over here and this news is available in the archive of 4th September, 2006 Page 3.  A screenshot of the news clip is given below for quick reference and identification in the archive.

[Ban on Autos]

I think it would greatly help to ease the traffic discipline in Chennai besides a great help for public transportation services which are greatly disturbed by some of the auto drivers enjoying bliss due to the connivance of the political parties.