Civic Elections — Rehearsal To Thier Shows After Selections

It has been a totally disgusting and chaotic scenes in the metropolitan city of Chennai yesterday on 13th October, 2006, when the first phase of civic elections were being conducted. There are very many negative points with respect to this election, which were brewing from the stage of planning.

  1. Contrary to the normal election process of legislative assemblies, they were planning and using ballot papers instead of Electronic Voting Machines. This is almost going back in the stone age, since ballot papers introduces more logistics cost, maintanability, counting time is more and security problems.
  2. The Government machinery from both Central and State was illicitly mobilised to support the calls of the ruling party. Oppostion parties were ruthlessly slammed and suppressed by the police in various parts of the state. Source: and
  3. Inspite of additional security forces being mobilised from various other states, there were large scale incidents of booth capturing, bogus voting, attack on candidates and rampant vandalism on its own spree. Check out this report from Teluguportal. The opposition party (AIADMK) leader, Puratchi Thalaivi Dr. J. Jayalalitha has rightly alleged that, as said in the report that the election commissioner who ought have supervised the proceedings had been taken refuge in an unknown hideout.

Sometime back we were discussing about Street Fights in the Tamil Nadu Legislative assembly. Now I think even before the selection in the election, these jerks have started to rehearse on the fights that they have to stage in the legistative assembly and corporation hall arena. Shame on these guys and we call them as our People’s representatives!