Human Resource Telemarketing

About sometime back we were discussing about junk telemarketing calls from various financial institutions and credit card agencies. Perhaps for the interested reader, here are a few URLs that we have been discussing:

  1. Unrelented Telemarketing Calls — Total Fun
  2. Do Not Call Registry

I think adding to the list now comes private placement consultants who harvest mobile numbers and email addresses from various sources, call them at odd times, spam them with superflous multiple messages and sometimes the profile positions they solicit simply do not befit the profile itself. This would mean the candidate would meet its prospective organization and then would encounter an embarrasing situation. The organization would think that the candidate is desparate for an offer and the candidate would think that this organization is driving everyone crazy. This, in reality destroys the fine fabric of future rapport and relationship that is to developed between the candidate and organization.  I have been thinking a while to write on this topic but hey curse my laziness that I kept procrastinating and Hey Presto, I caught an impersonating and fraud placement consultant today right after lunch. The fraud came to light since he was attempting to impersonate my previous organization, when the telephone CLI clearly indicated and the head office declined of having any such series of numbers over there currently.

So just thought of sharing this interesting piece of melodrama for others so that both opportunity seekers and organizations can be wary of such unscrupulous and unethical fellows. Though he is a fraud, as deduced from the conversation and as confirmed by post telephonic investigations, I would like to thank the Mr. Anonymous for the simple reason that he had been the source of inspiration for me in writing this weblog as an eye-opener to all career seekers and employers.

Over to the conversational tone.

20 October 2006 13:27 hours: (Just returned from lunch. Since I was staying awake till about 3 AM the previous day attending some calls, I had only brief lunch as not feeling hungry.) [Tring Tring Tring Tring, flashes the number from +914443587274. The junk call was ranging for a call duration of 1 minute and 07 seconds and that amount is waste for the organization from where the prankster called me.

Deepak: Hello. Vasudevan Deepak here.
Mr. Anony: Hello Hello Hello
Deepak: Hello. Vasudevan Deepak here.
Mr. Anony: Hello Hello Hello
Deepak: Hello. Who do you want? Who is calling?
Mr. Anony: Can I speak to Deepak?
Deepak: You are speaking with Vasudevan Deepak.
Mr. Anony: Hello. Hello. Can I speak to Deepak?
Deepak: Yes. What do you want?
Mr. Anony: Hello. Hello. Can I speak to Deepak?
Deepak: (scratches the head and senses that this might be a either some wrong number or a credit card personal loan junk caller.). Yes. This is Vasudevan Deepak here.
Mr. Anony: Is this Mr. Deepak?
Deepak: Hello. What do you want? Who are you?
Mr. Anony: Hey. Why are you talking to me like that? I am calling from your company only. I am calling regarding a PHP opportunity.
Deepak: Can I know  your name and organization from where are you calling? [I presented this question for the simple reason that this number that flashing on the CLI was not a legitimate number of the known circle]
Mr. Anony: You keep the phone down. I will talk to you on Monday, when you come. I know how to tackle guys like you.  I have forces like goondas also.
Deepak: Can I know your name please?
Mr. Anony: [in local vernacular dialect] You keep the phone down. I will talk to you on Monday, when you come. I know how to tackle guys like you.  [and bangs the phone].
Deepak: [whispers] Crazy looks like it. But need to figure out who is this eccentric? [Putting on the Investigation Cap of Views and Reviews]

Simple Inferences about Mr. Anony:

  1. Mr. Anony would have had some family problem in the morning and since he might have been impotent to rebuke or retaliate there, he is trying to shower his emotions or vent his anger on some one else. Poor chap. He needs more a psychic counselling on how to seperate personal and professional works.
  2. There had been one more such incidence sometime about six months back. Check it out here. But here, since the organization name was immediately known as the eccentric blabbered it in the conversation, I could immediately contact Arka, who is head and who could sort out the issue at war-footing basis and ‘advise’ him and also counsel him in more soothing psychic terms.

Now comes the investigation I have taken and found out the same.

  1. I alerted a couple of my friends regarding this and we planned to stage a plot to first find out where he is calling from and where he is heading and who is the brain behind him to give him the key for this drama.
  2. We tried to call Airtel Mobile Services and Airtel Landline Services since the victim and the accused numbers belonged to the respective networks (98400 26014 and +914443587274). But these jokers at the call center could not help and suggested some wild routes. This had been our topic of interest earlier.
  3. One of my friend by this time directly called the accused number pretending to be a different person and found that he was calling on behalf of ‘Cybernetsoft‘. And here comes the catch. Either this should be an impersonator or someone else driving him or an outsourced placement consultant. I should save my previous organization and alert them of this malady immediately.  I tried to call both Synaptris Decisions, Nungambakkam and Cybernet Software, Mylapore and confirmed one thing — the major breakthrough.  The service provider there is completely Tata Teleservices and there is nothing for Airtel to play around. So this guy is an impersonator.
  4. And the persons I have talked were I know very well. They have taken the number and time and they are parallely checking the same too.
  5. I think there is a saying in Tamil that a well-crafted thief who meticulously does the plans of door breaking always leaves one signage left behind. And this well-crafted crooked prankster had blabbered the name of my organization only to be entrapped very soon. Just a bit of 15 minutes melodrama to unearth his treacherous prank or plot and about 20 minutes to draft this conversational tone for the benefit of the world and other readers.

I think this would be a very best learning and a great eye-opener for any organization or career seeker to be wary of such pranksters. Chennai is known for these in huge magnitude and intensity.
Well. It is currently Diwali time. I would like to greet the readers a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali and also let us pray the Lord that he should slay down and eradicate such culprits from the face of the world just like he slay the wicked king Narakasura and make the world a peaceful place to live in.