Poor Clerical Work at Citibank Chennai

There has been scores of negative discussions and complaints amongst the private banks in Chennai and the guys that top the list are ICICI and Citibank.  Last week a couple of wrong number calls came from a Citibank Personal Loan center. Just wanted to share about these since these wrong number calls were also a fond recall of another similar wrong number incident sometime in my previous residence number.

It was sometime during 2002 when I was staying in Virugambakkam very frequently this call used to come asking for one Mr. Annamalai. I think this fellow has taken some personal loan or has been defaulting in credit card payment  and hence Citibank has been keen of following up with him every now and then. Since the (then) Virugambakkam SI was a close friend of mine and with his help, I traced out this Annamalai’s residence address and number. He took up the issue with Citibank and then the issue stopped.


  1. The wrong number menace has been going for more than one year and this encompasses two bank closing of accounts (Half -Yearly and Annual). How come Citibank had been so lethergic in not able to verify the wrong address? 
  2. Deducing from (1) has the phone number intentionally given by Annamalai wrongly by transposing the digits?
  3. Deducing from (1) and (2) and since a particular women staff was calling frequently, was it a co-alliance between her and him?
  4. Deducing from (3) was this call from the particular girl staff (since 75% of the calls were from her), was it a genuine business call or a love affair?  I actually did’nt want to touch base on thier personal affairs but I had to cover this point for the simple reason that my telephone number was involved in the love triangular affair and for the benefit of other readers in not getting entangled in similar future issues,  I am trying to address and investigate the issue from all perspectives.

My telephone number then was +91 44 23776015
Annamalai’s residence address was:

+91 44 23776105  and his address was:

Annamalai K,
Jayam Flats,
33/5, Ratna Nagar,
Virugambakkam P. O.
Chennai — 600 092.

This wrong dial number was continuing unabated almost for a period of one year inspite of telling the stupid staff regarding no such person and also intimating to indiaservice@citicorp.com Other than the usual autoreply and then a response like ‘We have made corrections’, this menace continued and once the SI intervened this wrong number menace stopped.

And sometime last week there was one call from Citibank staff on my mobile number asking for Abdul. Again I had to shower some blows. I have also explained this to indiaservice@citicorp.com and let me keep posted over the developments. I really don’t know how these private banks are easily escaping from the Apex Bank (RBI) Know Your Customer regulations. Here is a writeup in ‘The Hindu BusinessLine‘.

Thanks to Nirmala for her comment in my post on ICICI Bank about someone having opened an account without proper address verification. I have attached the two documents from Ask4Safety.com here for reader’s information.

[ICICI Bank Lethargy]

Latest Update on November 26, 2006 Chennai Virugambakkam Police Station have unearthed an Eve-Teasing racket played by a telemarketing prankster. This news has appeared in Dinamalar.com (Sunday November 26, 2006) on Page 4.  A screenshot of the same from http://epapaer.dinamalar.com/ is given below for easy recognition of the news in the main newspaper.

[Telemarking Joins Hands with EveTeasing In Chennai]