A Moratorium Experience in my Team

Is it always the case when banks only experience moratorium? A dictionary.com definition of moratorium says that “a legally authorized period to delay payment of money due or the performance of some other legal obligation, as in an emergency“.

With a critical delivery deadline, I had an interesting experience with a team member running amuck behind only his narrow myopic view of satisfying his personal requirements. Also, I could not bear his non-committment attitude since the way he gave the deliverable (or undeliverable) to me. Myself and my other member kept bearing this atrocity and nonchalant attitude for sometime till the BreakEven Point (BEP Analysis). More further, I could not bear with this.

I had to just escalate this to my manager and just say ‘You are relinquished. Report directly and no further route of actions for you is available to me’. For the past one week, he was absconding and one fine day appearing back with a long face and a frowning fuming eyes. I damn bother about these expressions.  As I have already described in my other post, I have only concern and care for the service of the Lord and I am least bothered about such mean fellows who are only driven for their personal satisfactions at the expense of others. And I thank the Lord again for showing me that world also showcases such guys.

By the way, why I have captioned this post as ‘A Moratorium Experience in my Team’. A Moratorium is experienced by a bank when it has more Non Performing Assets that is going to kill its equlibrium. Similarly, I was witnessing a sharp high rise of Non Performing Asset which was killing the tranquility and equilibrium and hence I escalated in the same tone so that instead of the entire bank getting moratorium only the Non Performing Asset (NPA) is remedied for.