Bharti Airtel strikes headlines in Fraud

Bharti Airtel, the private telecom service provider in India providing landline services and GSM mobile services is known for good network coverage through out the length and breadth of the country. Wherever you go, you are never out of network and even if you get unreachable, you are still provided with reachability.

With such plus points, Bharti Airtel also has series of negative points in thier list.

  1. Notorious false billing and hidden charges
  2. Junk services like Hello Tunes which are of no use at all.
  3. Unnecessary expenditure in marketing with celebrities which can be constructivel diverted for good network infrastructure in rural areas and areas with more demand.
  4. Nonchalant Customer care
  5. Arrogant Customer Care who support customer privacy invasion. You can easily find someone over there, bribe them and get any customer details. Myself and my friend Santosh found two persons in Bharti Airtel sometime in 2003 who were abetting this in support of a guy from my previous organization. After repeated bringing this issue to limelight, the information disclosures got reduced but there has’nt been any action concrete. We have also informed this to TRAI but I don’t think TRAI has any effect on these guys.
  6. Now latest in headlines — Two of its senior most employees have defrauded the organization to the tune of ten crores to gain incentives and salary hikes. Find the screenshot from ‘The Hindu’ ePaper over here.
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