Lorries singing lullaby in Velacherry – Tambaram road

Time and again, the Velacherry – Tambaram road never fails to strike the attention of media and headlines. Today while commuting to work, I observed near ICICI Bank, Selaiyur a lorry which has rammed into a couple of shops. A few yards away from it was a totally smashed down Tata-Indica car.

While browsing through ‘The Hindu’ ePaper now, there is an indepth coverage of the article too in 3rd November 2006 edition. The photograph showing the way lorry has ploughed through the shops is very much terrifying. All for interesting, the Selayiur Police Station is just at a stone-throw distance from the epicenter of the incident. We have been discussing regarding this police station and about Chennai cops in another post.

[Lorry - Selaiyur]