Dreadful Tolling

I just wanted to share the information regarding the way small mechanic shops in Chennai try to lure, loot and fleece the customers. Sometime last week, I wanted to have my Kinetic Zing to be taken for the annual service and hence tried to reach Sams Kinetic — Authorised Kinetic Care Center (??), Selaiyur at this phone number [+91 44 22399147]. First couple of calls, the request to take the vehicle  was falling into deaf ears. I have reached somebody there in the designation as ‘supervisor’ after KineticIndia, Pune interfering with the request.

The previous Wednesday (25th October 2006) two guys from Sams’ Kinetic came to my house after a long discussion the previous day night. Over the phone they were telling a charge of INR 200 per service (since the free service coupons have been exhausted). But after coming down, since the vehicle had some starting issues, without caring for seeing it there, they wanted to resort to tolling and then levy a toll charge of 50 INR for just 1 Km. They also speculated a total charge to the tune of 700 INR for the same claiming various stupid things. I had to chase them off and then call my friend for a mechanic who he know to do the service and restore the vehicle.

Also, when I was talking to them on what do they mean by tolling, I was quite shocked over the ghastly and dangerous methods they adopt in the more dangerous Velacherry – Tambaram road. I thought that the two guys would support each other by pushing the vehicle to a nearest mechanic, do some quick start and then push to the service center. But by their definition, toll meant that one guy would come in thier Kinetic Honda or his bike. The other guy would sit in our vehicle. The former would do circus tricks, gymnastic shows and propel the to-be-serviced vehicle by pushing it. If either of the guy trips the balance and falls down, I think it would be fatal for them besides damage to the vehicle. In any of the perspectives, the customer is at loss, as we see from the following perspectives:

  1. If the vehicle gets damaged, the customer has to bear the full loss.
  2. If the persons get injured or dies, then the customer has to support them since the care center would have fine prints in sharing the insurance claims from the vehicle to them and to the service center.

I think the Government should look into these shady service centers and safeguard the citizens.