Even Demolition Getting a Prospective Business Venture

While travelling from Camp Road to Tiruvallikeni today morning, I saw an advertisement near Velacherry Vijayanagar terminus. It read ‘for demolition of buildings within 48 hours, contact …’. A few yards from there, one more board was saying ‘Available Space for piling of rubbish out of demolition’.

I think these stand a silent testimony of how in Chennai small houses and buildings are on the wild spree of bieng knocked down and majestic apartments and penthouses are constructed in the place. Where a single family was residing in a small house a majestic apartment is being constructed. This is for sure a positive measure but we need to exercise enough caution. The positive features of apartments is that it provides more security and theives can no more resort to casual house breaking strategies. Care should be taken regarding the dwindling water table underground resources, pollution, traffic etc.

All needs a careful coordination of public and the public servants (government) to tread the country on the sake of prosperous growth. Is the Government listening?