Madras Christian College — EyeSore to Madras City

A couple of days while returning home and waiting for a bus near Madras Christian College, Tambaram, I saw a poster stuck near the Tambaram East Railway Station near the college campus.

They were protesting against the way sometime back dogs were shot in the campus. I have seen this news and management had defended that the dogs have bit students. I think the step management has taken is very cruel. They should informed Tambaram Municipality or Chennai Corporation and they would come and caught those dumb friends.

While this is one form of cruelty, sometime back we were discussing about ‘International Youth Fellowship‘, whose pamplets were distributed near MCC. Thanks to KP Iyer and he advised that they were just christian missionary tactics adopted.

I faintly recalled that MCC campus also has staged a girl rape and murder too. A search in ‘The Hindu’ revealed the following story but the criminals have made good their escape. I think the management and/or the state administration should check the activities of this old college before it succumbs to rampant corruption and vandalism.