Monsoon Game with Metereology Department

The monsoon and/or the rain always makes a hide and seek game with the Meterology department, at least in Chennai, India. Following the latest trends in Monsoons and for the past years announcements, while the meterology department says that there would be showers or thundershowers today. The same day would witness clear skies.

The Met Department would predict clear skies and you would trust thier words leaving back your rain covers and umbrellas. It would rain cats and dogs the same day and you would be returning home in the night drenched.

Also, the way they say that the cyclone or the depression in Bay of Bengal is to cross the coast also in very many factors does not fit the reality. Recently they were saying that the cyclone would cross the coast in 24 hours. But this announcement was repeating for even five days.

One more fun: Nowadays there are dedicated news channel even in local languages and Sun Network is really very famous. But I don’t think the quality and accuracy of the news delivered there is upto the mark or upto the instant. Two salient examples I would like to give here:

  1. The monsoon is expected to cross Ongole today midnight. The same message, as is, again was broadcast in Sun News the next day morning. At least they could have cut the words today right?
  2. I also cross checked once with the saree that the news reader was wearing. The same saree for previous day and next day news.
  3. Once it happened, that even the stutter that they encounter gets repeated.

I think the local news channels have a long way to go before they can compete successfully with NDTV, CNN IBN and other big brothers.