Public Servants making Public as Servants

We elect them and send to assemblies and parliaments. They take pride in various political speeches and election canvassing as ‘Public Servants’. But post elections, they virtually trample the public and treat us as slaves, leave alone just servants.

Sometime back, we were discussing about an acute security lapse in the high security PMO office in New Delhi.  And again, PMO office security people have staged the part II of the comedy show in Kerala. The entire convoy of the PM have gone about two to three feet upto Asan Square junction and only when landing up in a traffic jam, they did realise thier folly of taking the wrong route. Check out the Sify Story on it here. Quite interestingly, the traffic jam near Asan Square seemed to be created because of holding traffic to enable PM go on a different route but the convoy directly came to the traffic jam itself.

There are some very good learnings that PMO office should learn from this:

  1. Immediately in the traffic jam, the security guards jumped down and surrounded the vehicle. Good Presence of Mind. But why do they want to shoo shoo the onlookers saying ‘Hut Jao Hut Jao’ [Go Away. Go Away]. They should have introspected before taking the wrong route and told the convoy driver ‘Math Jao. Us tarf Math Jao’ [Don’t Go. Don’t Go That Way.] Again for the mistake they committed, they are trying to cover the same by throwing it on the poor taxi driver and public.
  2. It is very important that VVIPs be given high amount of protection. But even in VVIP protection, I think there are very important services that need to be given priorities. The sad part is that in Chennai, if such a road block happens, even fire and rescue services, ambulances services are held up in the traffic jam.

We humbly hope that the authorities realise about these folly and treat public with more passion and kindness rather than as slaves.