Secure Transactions at Bank ATMs

Today while commuting to workplace in Guindy after using the Indian Bank ATM, when I stepped out, one guy asked me “Can you help operating the ATM?”. These questions should normally raise an eyebrow for anyone, since such things are harmful. Pranksters and thieves normally deploy such tricks and get away with your valuables. Also, for innocent people giving away thier ATM Debit card and PIN number to strangers taking help is also harmful. The stranger that you are seeking help might be a con man who can run away with the debit card.

Long time back,  I have also discussed about Secure Banking Practices at ATMs. With these days where banks are empowered by impotent, good-for-nothing and as stupid as cabbage call center staff, you can not depend on lost card reporting in good confidence. I think hence the bank management has to send more manuals to customers in instructing them how to use the bank ATMs in security. The public has to be vigilant as well.