Sister Sister…

This is rather a harsh topic to discuss. I have been thinking a while on this topic, assessing on the different perspectives from different people and based on various results, have compiled information and am summarizing the same here.

It is a great thing to have friends. In these days of healthy marital relationship and life partners, it is just a ethical way to live with one life partner and treat other girls from the view of sister. But I feel at least in Chennai that in front of the girl and to propitiate her and or to impress her, some of the guys try to address her as sister. Behind the back, you can hear words like ‘Kattai’ and other most obscene discussions. Come festivals like Rakshabandhan, these guys would not have the dare to take the Rakhi from thier ‘deemed’ sisters since they would be publicly bound by promises from commenting on her.

<<Attachment removed on her request to pardon the culprit. I respect her magnanimity in even forgiving the criminal>>
I have not given the URL of the post since that might affect the quality of her blog. The bottomline of the post is to bring to limelight such blacksheeps which address the colleague girls as ‘Sister Sister’ and then behind her solicit her as ‘Sexy’ and describe in the world’s most disgusting obscenity-fill filthy language. I am deeply concerned that the noble sould of Dr. Ambedkar, who is much respected as ‘Father of our Consitution’ and has given the National Pledge which states that ‘All Indians are my brothers and sisters’ would really be very much disappointed with such type of attitude of some of the people.

Myself and Santosh personally have one more experience with respect to this type of attitude and because of pranksters, the girl almost broke distraught. It happened in one of the previous organizations. In order to propitate the girl, this guy created all sort of gimmics to separate her from rest of the cloud. It had been a herculean task for us to have the entire cloud being cleared off. I have not given the name of the victim (girl) again for her privacy reasons.

I would also like to give a small comparison with respect to Windows 2000 and the current scenario. There can be a lot of processes running in Windows 2000. Windows 2000 runs each of the process in its own process space so that the Operating system equilibrium is not compromised. Only the most trusted and System API processes are run in Operating System’s own process space. This is because if other processes run in Operating System process space and they run amuck they may crash the entire operating system as well. Similarly, I think the true brother-sister relationship comes only via a birth or some form of blood relationship. In alll other cases, it would be wiser to just restrain to limits of a decent friendship. Friendship is by far the best weapon and a very powerful heart-binding tool. Even among brothers-sisters, friendship takes place. The bottomline of this comparison is that not to give a false cover of sister and then ruin her when she is weak.

India has a rich heritage of treating woman on par Goddess, as we discussed sometime back.
Let us uphold and preserve such rich tradition and kick off base and mean creatures that are parasitic to our world’s best fabric.


Thanks to Nirmala for trying to cool me down from all these mundane pleasures. Normally when I get angry or enjoyment, I get a recourse to hearing some music with my Philips Tape Recorder. A friend of mine forwarded me from his collection the Moham song too, which I want to share in this URL. As your browse this post, you can hear this music too.

Hear the Song

Also, at this instance I would like to recall the acute mental agony that I reeled into when my name was dragged into during the occasion with one of the pranksters along with my friend. Fortunately, I got a change from the location to T. Nagar. It was a great benefit for me at the point of time. I would put it as a health resort too.

My sincere and humble thanks to my Lord Sri Saranam Ayyappa for the same. From my perspective, I can not even dream to be disloyal to my Lavanya. If at all that happens, the next immediate blog post would be flashing my adieu to this world.