Auto Fare Silent Hike in Many Parts of Chennai

If it drizzles a bit then it is a great time of booty for auto drivers in Chennai to unleash thier fleecing spree all around on the innocent passengers.  While the (Call) Auto drivers have a unique way of flattering the passengers to succumb to thier fleecing episode, share auto drivers have another strategy that is being adopted.

Almost every pocket of Share Auto region in Chennai City has silently hiked the flat fare and/or changed the routes over the past one week. Here is the partial list of the same:

  1. Velacherry – Saidapet: 7 Rs. (Now charging 10 to 15 Rs)
  2. Velacherry – Guindy 10 Rs. (Now charging upto 15 Rs, depending upon inclement weather scenario)
  3. Guindy – Udayam (Ashok Pillar) – 5 Rs. (from 4 Rs., wherever you board or alight)
  4. Vadapalani – Porur: 7 Rs. (earlier it was 5 Rs.)
  5. Interestingly, all share autos now refuse to take CIPET road to Guindy and they resort to Ambal Nagar and Guindy Industrial Estate. A few of the possible reasons might be heavy traffic situations prevailing there due to the proposed flyover construction at Kathipara junction, as part of the Golden Quadrilateral project undertaken by Ministry of Shipping and Road Transport, in joint alliance with Tamil Nadu Road Development Authority.

All interesting and cops as usual silent and mute puppet spectators to the traffic jams created  by these jokers.

Viewers: Please feel free to share any such incidents in your regions too.