Lawbreakers striking to get regularlize law breaking

In Tamil there is a saying ‘Kali muthippochu‘. It means that this age, ‘Kali Yugam’ which witnesses 75% unrigheousness and 25% righteousness is reaching its peak of its glory. Check out about the four yugas from this Wikipedia page. There are two interesting trends in the past week that showcase — One from New Delhi and the other from Thirunelveli and Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu.

New Delhi is getting high up in headlines for traders demonstrating even against the unquestionable Apex Court of India. The problem is that the Apex Court and the Delhi Government want to free off residential areas from illegal commercial encroachments. But Delhi traders are protesting against this in a record-breaking fashion. It is good that the Apex Court and DDA authoritiesare firm in the garbage collection and evil-uprooting move.

The testimony from Tamil Nadu towns is that computer traders are going in strike against software vendor for the latter slapping heavy fines on the former for bundling illegal and pirated operating system along with the hardware. They were staging a two day strike on 11th and 12th towards the same. This news item was carried in  Tamil Murasu, evening daily (I think it should be on either 9th or 10th). These guys are also threatening that operating system cost needs to be lowered or they would return computer hardwares to the vendors. Interestingly, Views and Reviews has another software piracy and human reports incident that we were discussing as a one-liner sometime back. Check out this post on India Information Blackout.

I think both the incidents are heights of tragic comedy in which unrighteousness claims a lions share at the cost of righteousness. I think the authorities need to be stubborn against such unscrupulous entities in our social setup and try thier best to uproot the (d)evils.