Insisting on Quality …

With the amount of competitions in the market each service provider has to ensure that he exceeds the expectation of his customers to ensure elevated levels of customer retention and additionally to lure more customers towards them to tread further on progress paths. And in a market flavored by Oligopoly and higher degrees of competition from public sector and private entrepreneurs, customers remain the key assets for the basic survival and growth of the organization.

Each organization ensures and should ensure that if there are unresolved grievances of the customers, there should be a vested dedicated channel to where customers can vent thier grievances and they should be addressed in a timely manner. This reemphasizes the faith of the customers in the service provider. At least from India, where enterprises usher in for round-the clock service using call center strategies, there are also scores of complaints mushrooming due to laxity, lethargy and hypocrisy on section of thier shop. Each of them are trying to maintain an Escalation Department.

This post is a humble effort to compile all those and serve as a single point reference to viewers who can refer to them with ease. A business relationship survives, thrives and flourishes only where this a perfect trust and a good rapport. Trust must be from all the parties involved in the transaction. The compilation process regarding all the sources is in progress. I would keep updated regarding the various channels as comments.
To start with, I came across an innovative product offering from Standard Chartered Bank, India. Sometime last month, they have launched a product called ‘Service Assurance’ in which a customer can send in a SMS to 9980033333 and a friendly customer care would attend to the same within 24 hours. If there is no resolution reached, the bank promises to credit upto INR 100 to the customer’s account.

Similarly, Airtel Telephone and Broadband services has a service guarantee that any complaint regarding thier telephone and/or broadband services would be attended within four hours of the complaint being registered failing which an amount of INR 100 would be credited to the customer’s next month bill.

These are a few instances where these entreprises have ushered in to provide extreme customer delight to exceed thier expectations. Now, what happens when they fail? Stay tuned for more compiled information regarding various redressal channels…