Ghost and Fear TV Programmes — Best Solution Is To Totally Avoid

With so many private television channels around, each one is vying with each other in cut-throat competition. A few of the television programmes I feel that it is best to totally avoid them since it might have a psychological impact on us.

For example, a few of the Hindi television channels were (and may be) telecasting horror shows like Ajnabi, Anhonee, Aahat and I think they would be thrilling as you watch from within the comfort of your home. But the moment you are travelling and staying in a beach resort or a restaurant that shares a similar atmosphere, all the horror scenes that you watch like the ‘Curtain moving by itself’, ‘Table dancing’ etc. would keep flashing in the mind, raising a lot of butterflies in your stomach. Tamil channels are not isolated. They have thier own horror-tainted programmes like Adhu mattum rahasiyam, Thigil Neram (I think this has been withdrawn long back by Sun Network, since there was a widespread protest).

Sometime back there was a film involving Simran and Madhavan. Simran’s father would try entering a lift which due to technical reason would crash down. The way this scene has been directed is very much acute and youngsters or teens if they keep watching this type of scenes might develop a kind of elevator-phobia. I think the film is Parthalae Paravasam. Everything else in the movie is really superb. I typically admire the Madhavan’s patience in enduring the mental breakdown of Simran, who was a traditional girl unable to bear the unprecedented liason that Madhavan had with Radhika Choudary before thier marriage.  I really appreciate Sneha’s magnanimity that Simran and Madhavan should unite since they were couple and separated due to outburst of Simran’s anger arising out of inability. Had such elevator scenes would’nt be there, it would be still excellent. This is again a film by Kavithalaya and hence other than this elevator scene, this film is an excellent pen-peice by K. Balachander (KB).

I think the Censor Board of India, should consider bringing these parameters into fact and I am sure, Ministry of Health would be greatly happy if they bring such a renaissance for the health welfare of the country. Remember sometime back, we also discussed about ill-effects on cinema on society with reference to the Interview of our health minister, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss.