Banking for the Booty — Part II

Sometime we were discussing about the atrocities of private banks in India and how they try to fleece the public of thier hard earned money. For the interested reader, here is the original discussion. Recent developments and a couple of hot topics in Consumer_Voice_India Yahoogroups seems to place an emphasis on how acute the problem is going further.

  1. Minimum Signup Amount (25000) demanded by ICICI Bank, Indra Nagar, Bangalore.
  2. Linked Credit Cards can not be accepted for intra-transfer of credit balances.
  3. Card closure requests are intercepted by Thikkuvay Thandavarayans.

 I think it is high time the Reserve Bank of India looked into the maladies with which ICICI Bank is infected with before one more bank moratorium is encountered and then looking out for a bank which can take over this carcasses.