Fighting over the leaders’ names

If our politicians feel bored they would just keep doing some junk things all around the territory in thier control. Perhaps there is also a saying “An Idle Brain is Devil’s workshop“. Sometime about four years ago, the state of Tamil Nadu was witnessing huge amount of law and order problems since after each election, the politicians would try to name some transport corporation after the name of thier preferred leader or thier preferred historical entity. Since the number of transport corporations got saturated, they even split some and named it differently. The salient example being “Pallavan Transport Corporation” in Chennai, which was split as “Dr. Ambedkar Transport Corporation” to cater to North Madras. The then AIADMK government got frustated over the recurring folly and in a fervent attempt to cure this malady, they decided to do away all leader names for the Transport Corporations and instead named them behind the places they serve. Now the transport corporations are elegantly named as the following:

  1. Metropolitan Transport Corporation (merged Pallavan and Dr. Ambedkar, in Chennai)
  2. State Express Transport Corporation (previously Thiruvalluvar Tranport and then bifurcated to Rajiv Gandhi)
  3. State Transport Corporations (of respective HeadQuarters)
    1. Villupuram (covering Villupuram, Vellore etc) (erstwhile Pattukottai Azhagiri and Thanthai Periyar)
    2. Thiruchi (previously Dheeran Chinnamalai)
    3. Kudhandhai (previously Chozhan)

Now after a long gap, there is another similar problem that is coming up in Chennai city. The crux of the problem is that it again epicenters with the (late) great leaders but in the form of thier statues.  I think after a while, there would be a legislation stipulating restrictions on statues too. A few of the statue related incidents that is running amuck now are:

  1. Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Statue Dispute [Don’t to forget to read the comments of the readers in this link as a lot of readers have shared thier opinions]
  2. Now the latest to catch up is “Damage of Periyar Statue near Sri Rangam Rajagopuram“. Also read the clipping from MaalaiMalar covering the topic quickly.
  3. [Periyar Statue Issue in Sri Rangam]