Currency Change — Emphasizing Necessity

Sometime back while waiting at Guindy Kathipara junction, I found a lorry on the back of which a nice slogan was written. “Kallarai varai Sillarai Thevai“.  The bottomline of this slogan is that you need currency in change denominations instead of just holding a 500 Rupee or a 1000 Rupee note. Perhaps during peak hours, normally it even intimidates the copassengers and not just the bus conductors when somebody tenders a high value note.

The bus has to wait for a while till all passengers are issued tickets and in that scenario if somebody gives a high value note, it again places a burden or an extra load on the conductor. But interestingly even some banks do not have change. ICICI Bank counters when contacted for change, politely regret. I think there should be some statute that banks have to budge to anyone’s request to take in the currency and tender changes.