Saturday Sunday — Unleasing Indiscipline

Come weekend. You can witness complete confusion and hallabaloo in the highways particularly the ECR, Velacherry – Tambaram, Madipakkam – Kovilambakkam, Medawalkam – Cholinganallur road. I think it was the previous Sunday when I was commuting from Tambaram towards Velacherry, I found a Tata Indica had overturned and jumped almost into the ground of Quaide Millet College near Medawalkam Koot Road. It seemed there was a few youths were travelling and mostly they were in an inebriated state. To make things worse, there were a couple of girls too. It i sad that the social culture of our country is progressing on the deterioration path.

A co-passenger who was sitting near me in the bus was commenting on this for a while and he was discussing a lot of such things he has been witnessing like this.  While that it would be a big post to discuss everything I would rather provide a synopsis catchy statement that he told regarding such youth and their weekend work-escape behavior. “Saturday Sachu Day and Sunday Shyamala Day“. Most of us sitting in the bus were rather inspired by his non-vulgar but rhythmic language term that he used to describe.

Let us try to anatomize and understand what he meant. He was actually trying to emphasize that the youth often find themselves only to escape to all mundane worldly pleasures with girls of all sort and partying in that order. Inspite of so much of canvassing for AIDS awareness in India, such things are always on the rise in India. The names Sachu and Shyamala are just indicative names to substantatiate a flowing Tamil phrase in rhythm with ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunday’.

The bottomline of the post is that we ought to understand the greatness and richness of our social culture rather than succumbing to mundane worldly pleasures. The governments can also organize camps in conjunction with NGOs to keep them busy in constructive activities. “An Idle brain is devil’s workshop”. If our youth are kept busy then they would not derail.