Consumer Awareness Campaign by Madras Christian College

Since I was staying late at work yesterday and returned home only at about wee hours of Tuesday (0130), I started late today. I chose the Tambaram route to commute and again it was a wiser route to choose. As I was crossing the overbridge of Tambaram Railway Station, I found the NCC cadets of Madras Christian College, which was nearby, were holding placards insisting on various philosophies of consumer rights.

My brief five minute walk through the Tambaram overbridge and a recall of my memory of the various placard topics, there were the following topics displayed:

  1. Emphasis on the right of consumers to choose the products they aspire for and thier right to refuse.
  2. Consumer Awareness on the quality of products.
    1. Medical products must mandatorily be checked for expiry dates before purchase.
    2. Quality seals like Agmark and IST need to be ensured by the consumers.
    3. Reciepts needs to be ensured for any product. This ensures the following benefits for the customers.
      1. After Sales Services of the product.
      2. Avoiding Black Marketing
      3. Ensure revenue for the government in that the Sales Tax has to be paid by the merchant to the revenue department.

Let us join together to appreciate Madras Christian College and thier National Cadets Corps (NCC) Team for thier sincere efforts to bring consumer awareness.

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