Defective Compensation Tricks in Government Bodies

It is very often a common scenario in Tamil Nadu that there would be a consumer suit against a government body like one of the Transport corporation and then when the consumer court orders a compensation of 25000 INR, it would be paid to the affected victim. I am not against the redressal to the victim but I feel that there is something gravely wrong in the process that would lead to misappropriation of the funds of the government authority.

The actual compensation of the loss should be done by the person(s) who have done the mistake and causing loss to the victim.  Otherwise, they would misappropriation of the corporate funds of the government entity and they would go scott-free.

The other very interesting issue would be too much of pampering for the transport corporation staff. Sometime back in 1980s there was a custom that drivers and conductors would get a daily batta that was a percentage of daily collection. Driven by this they stopped in all bus stops properly, ensured that the bus was loaded to capacity and to full performance. Now that they always get the fixed daily batta irrespective of the collection, they are nonchalant to the performance of individual trips. This might be one of the reason you can cite for buses not stopping in the designated bus stops, buses plying empty or two or more buses in the same route plying together as if a convoy.

Would concerned authorities look into it?