Overloading is never harmless

Whatever form you take in the social concern, overloading was never useful. Today morning I saw a pathetic situation of an overloaded bullock cart near Rajakilpakkam and the guy was hitting the poor dumb animal like anything. It was almost the same scene for which ASPCA  was born about 140 years ago. This post we discuss has been covered in tidbits and I would be giving cross reference URLs from our previous discussions for better comprehension and understanding.

But the cops here in  Chennai are lazy jerks. Even in today’s case, there was a traffic cop standing near the junction and just silently looking at everything. Perhaps I would like to share a similar thought that we have discussed before. The overloading stresses the living creature and makes them mentally sick as well. The problem assumes grave proportions for freshers, the topic of which has been covered here. The other picture of overloading comes in the case of transportation. We have covered some of the issues here:

  1. Mini bus on Two Wheelers
  2. Ban of Auto in Chennai
  3. Escaping from Pocket Pickers and making celebrations colorful

I hope some state or central administration authority bring some statute to provide redressal of grievance for citizens from this overloading or stress menace. Except for overloading in Object Oriented (computer) languages, I think this should be banned for human race.