Kona Vaay Gopalu

Time and again we have been discussing about eve-teasing menace and how to combat the same. For the interested reader, I would like to recall a few of the significant permalinks:

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Sometime back one of a passenger in 5A was commenting out a guy who was hanging in the footboard and showing all sorts of gymnastics in just a wierd way to allure the attention of girls and women passengers in the bus. Conductors warnings and threats to him were of no avail. He was jumping down and climbing up in a typical monkey style. If you had witnessed this, you would think that he was in Phase 1 of “Theory of Evolution” by Charles Darwin. 🙂

The passenger who was sitting near me was I think working near Saidapet. He gave this a good name “Kona Vaay Gopalu“. The actual English translation of this is that “zig-zagged mouth zombie” or “funny-faced-frowny clown“. And I think we should really brand all eve teasers in the similar way and they all fit this caption to the complete perfection.

Just by brandishing a brand new Hero Honda Splendour Plus or a golden chain or a flushy slushy fatty wallets stacked up with plastic currencies, I don’t think these jerks can seduce any decent person. I also feel that laws preventing and prohibiting Eve-Teasing are not yet strict and hence these guys go scott free. And remember we also discussed one more form of women harassment in our “Fate of Freshers“.

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