Dying Cultures

Time and again we have been discussing about the malific effects of cinema and this comes close to the heels where heavenly gestures are promised to hell. The ill-effects of cinema are plethora and a recent incident when school going teenagers hacking a little kid to death and trying to erase the traces so that the police sniffer dogs would not be able to find them. TamilMurasu reports that they had scattered chilli powder from the place of crime to where they threw the corpse so that the sniffer dog would get distracted. Incidentally this dastardly law-blinding act was empowered and impressed by Gilli film starring Vijay that was released about two years back. Check out the entire narration from ‘The HIndu’ here.

There is a interesting precursor to this incident bringing to limelight on how culture is ransacked by movies. About ten years back it was a film called Nooravathu Naal starring Satyaraj, which misguided a youth called Jayaprakash and he went on the killing spree murdering his entire family of fourteen persons and burying them near the banyan tree near Lamech School, Valasaravalkam.  Check out this coverage on Ramz blog.

We would like to appreciate the Chennai City Police and Cybercrime for their meticulous and untiring efforts to unearth the criminals in just about 48 hours and bringing them to the media and limelight. But now they have more problems to encounter. The report in TamilMurasu claims that the father of one of the criminals has given a suicide warning if his son is not left out.  As a related issue, Tamil Murasu carries one more news item that prisoners in Salem prison often stage a dharna or hartal by climbing up trees and threatening to commit suicide if they needs are not met. The needs they place to the prison authorities are

  1. Provision of drugs and narcotics
  2. Provision of prohibited food items other than those allowed by prison rules.

The prison authorities seems to be paralyzed by stringent rules on one side and daunting criminals on the otherside. Chennai City Police should try and put an end to this threat menace also.